JORDIE LANE ‘Blood Thinner’

Reviewed by Jenny O’Keefe

A lot of artists plonk the words “eagerly anticipated” in their own press these days about upcoming releases. In the case of Jordie Lane’s latest long-playing album, truer words have rarely been spoken. The previous offering Sleeping Patterns was a masterpiece that was thoughtfully delivered and caused quite a stir around the traps.

You can almost hear the collective breath being held around Melbourne as Blood Thinner waits patiently to join the quality releases on the shelves on July 15. My friends, let me assure you that the wait is worth it – and then some.

There’s a familiarity to this work that defies explanation. Yes, it is all new material, but with the warmth of a well-worn favourite returned to time and time again. “You’ve got to hear this…” people will calmly negotiate on road trips, in kitchens, through mixed tapes and thoughtful gifting.

Blood Thinner tells tales all the best musicians tell – love, hope, heartache and medication – with an emphasis on lo-fi delivery. Lane used only what was at his disposal whilst travelling around the USA, recording on a 4-track machine to cassette tapes in motel rooms, garages and basements.

All instruments and vocals are performed by Lane, and there’s something about the way he does it that catches me every time. That wonderful sad excitement in the throat, in the gut, makes for a very fine album.

Catch Jordie Lane on the Blood Thinner Album Launch Tour – dates and info here



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